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macware - Elgato EyeTV add-ons

Elgato EyeTV (deze pagina in het nederlands)

the Elgato EyeTV is a digital video recorder designed for the mac!

Find and track all the programming you want to see, and watch it whenever you want to. Pause live television. Skip commercials. Record your favorite shows permanently using your CD burner. EyeTV will change the way you watch television.

and macware will change the way you use your EyeTV ;-)

we made some scripts to use your EyeTV on a remote computer (videoserver?). that way your main computer does not slow down when EyeTV is running. and the whole house can watch the recorded programs!

don't have an EyeTV?
order one at macware! (europe only)

macware - own eyetv software

Our Own Software

screenshot eyetv RPM

eyetv RPM (Remote PrograMmer) is a small MacOS X app to program your remote EyeTV from any OS X based computer in your network. the interface looks just like the one from the EyeTV app itself, the 'server IP address' field is the only difference.
CAUTION! this program has just started development and we try to continue making this app into a useful tool. the use of this program is at your own risk! we make no guarantee of the functionality of this software.

download eyetvRPM.sit (v0.5 - 71kb) - read readme.txt before opening the application!
2003-10-20 - VERSION CHANGE: included help, repeat programming, quality setting, GUI improvements and more

screenshot eyetv FTW

eyetv FTW (From The Web) is a PHP script that shows the list of all recorded programs in a webbrowser on every computer in the house (Mac and PC) and makes it possible to download or see the MPEGs right form your server.

download eyetvFTW.sit (v1.5 - 6kb) - read readme.txt for install instructions.
2003-10-20 - VERSION CHANGE: added support for repeat programs, see if a program is currently recording, added link to VLC

macware - other eyetv tools

Other EyeTV Tools

EyeTV Remote
Mike Murphy

with EyeTV Remote you can control EyeTV from another computer like a remote control. you can change the channel, volume, playback and enter fullscreen etc.

more info / download EyeTV Remote

Andreas Junghans

CyTV allows you to watch a video stream of the currently active channel over a wired or wireless network. you need VLC (VideoLan Client) to watch the stream.

more info / download CyTV

Romeo / EyeTV Plugin
Arboreal Software / Michel Barbuto

if you have a bluetooth enabled phone and mac, you can control your EyeTV with the Romeo application and the EyeTV Plugin.

info / download Romeo
download EyeTV Plugin

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